Joseph M. Quinn -  Author's notes

     This project of writing the history of Mexico City College came about because of a lack of related resources, typical being a 70-word paragraph in an early Universidad de las Americas, Puebla publication.  The web sites, including the Universidad de las Americas, A.C. web site, offered little more.  There were many unanswered questions, most regarding the transition from a college into a University.  In 1996 I started contacting alumni, asking questions and researching data.  Many, including myself, did not know the difference between the two universities, UDLAP and the UDLA, A.C.  The two institutions are not related, but both are claiming Mexico City College as its predecessor.  One alumnus in an email asked, “To which institution are we an alumnus?”  Over the years all of my correspondence with the UDLA,A.C. institution has gone unanswered; the Puebla institution early correspondence was, at best, evasive, usually referring me back to one of their one-paragraph digests.  My “History” probes that reluctance and the academia politics involved. 

    “The Mexico City College Story: The History 1940-1963” is not a work of scholarship.  If it had been, my name would not have been attached to it, for among my dwindling pretensions there is no pretense of scholarship.  If the shortcomings of this part-time, decade-long project remain within tolerable limits, this is due to the many friends, colleagues, academia and strangers who have permitted me to tax their kindness with inquiries, requests for suggestions, and discussions of doubtful points.  I am particularly indebted to Joseph M. Quinn for his own patience and perseverance.  If I had more sense and wisdom, I would not have attempted this work.

    This web site, is my first attempt at my late age to learn HTML programming code and creating a presence for “The History:” Please tolerate any scrambled pixels.  The site is best viewed in IE, with a monitor resolution set at 1024 x 768 or higher.

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"Machette Boy," oil on canvas, 18" x 24"    Painted by Joseph M. Quinn, 1957.

While driving south of Vera Cruz I came upon this boy on his way to the fields. I  was impressed by his innocence and how   large his machette appeared. I took  photos, made numerous pencil sketches  and, back in Cuajimalpa, I painted him.



Pacal's sacrophagus lid  
ca. 650 A.DPalenque, Mexico